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The fundamental aim of the conference is to promote the domestic non-profit, research and business professionals in the sphere of exchange of experience and hence the development of international relations.
This "Agricultural Informatics Conference" provides a forum for agriculture related professionals, professors, lecturers and PhD students to exchange information on education, research, applications and developments of Information Technologies in Agriculture and Rural Development and publish the most recent results. It covers a wide array of topics. These include new applications of well established and understood technologies to innovative and entrepreneurial applications of emerging technologies, in addition to issues related to policy and knowledge dissemination. Contributions from various countries will allow a broadened perspective for all attending.

Type of participation Submissions for *Face-to-Face* or for *Virtual (Videoconference)* Participation are both accepted. Both kinds of submissions will have the same process and the accepted papers will be included in the same proceedings. Face-to-Face participation Virtual (Via videoconference) participation The background of the Virtual participation (PDF)

Topics (Education - Research - Applications)
• Education/Training programs and development • Information systems
• Mobile technology applications
• Information and communication technologies for rural areas
• E-learning
• Food safety and traceability
• Web services, portals and Internet applications
• Wireless and sensor networks
• Distributed computing, grid technology
• Decision Support Systems, Modelling and simulation
• Precision Agriculture
• Collaborative working environment
• IT and innovation in agri-food sector
• Bioinformatics

Conference language
Official conference language is English/Hungarian The conference paper could be English/Hungarian A nyelvet a jobb oldali panel tetején a 'language' panelnél lehet váltani.

Selected papers will be published in the Journal of Agricultural Informatics, other papers in the conference proceedings CD-ROM and Online version.

The conference
Chair: Prof. Dr. András Nábrádi, dean of Faculty of Applied Economics and Rural Development, University of Debrecen

HAAI - Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics
UD - University of Debrecen, Faculty of Applied Economics and Rural Development
HAS Hungarian Academy of Sciences
EFITA - European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment

Program Committee

chair: Miklós Herdon (HAAI, University of Debrecen)
Zacharoula S. Andreopoulou, (Univeristy of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki)
Mária Bakó (University of Debrecen)
Zeynel Cebeci (Cukurova University, Adana)
Batzios Christos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Máté Csák (University of Pannon)
Liviu Gaceu (University of Transilvania, Brasov)
Waksman Guy (EFITA)
Nikolai Fog Hansen (EFITA)
Zdenek Havlicek (Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague)
László Huzsvai (University of Debrecen)
István Kapronczai (HAAI)
László Kárpáti (HAAI, NAERDI)
Árpád Endre Kovács (Szent István University)
Éva Laczka (HAAI)
Vojtěch Merunka (Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague)
Kálmán Rajkai (HAAI)
Tünde Rózsa (HAAI, University of Debrecen)
Michail Salampasis (Univeristy of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki)
Károly Szenteleki (HAAI)
Róbert Szilágyi (HAAI, University of Debrecen)
Mónika Varga (Kaposvár University)
László Várallyai (HAAI, University of Debrecen)

Organising Committee

chair:Róbert Szilágyi (HAAI, University of Debrecen)
István Füzesi (University of Debrecen)
Péter Lengyel (MAGISZ)
János Pancsira (University of Debrecen)
Ádám Péntek (University of Debrecen)
Gergely Gábor Ráthonyi (University of Debrecen)
Csilla Sóvágó (University of Debrecen)

Miklós HERDON – Chief of Program committee
e-mail: Tel: +36 52 508360
Róbert SZILÁGYI Chief of Organising committe
e-mail: Tel: +36 52 508471

Participation and Papers
The conference will be organised in Debrecen. Contributions corresponding with the conference goals can be sent to the conference organisers. As far as the content is concerned, the contributions must meet the requirements on scientific and professional publication.
Registration fee: 15 € (or 4.000 HUF)

The registration fee includes:
• Participation on professional programmes
• CD-ROM Proceedings
• Social evening meeting

The registration fee does not cover the meal cost. The participation are free for lecture presenter college and university (MSc, BSc) students. Payment by Bank transfer:: Account holder: MAGISZ (Magyar Agrárinformatikai Szövetség) Bank account number: 10103173-40622623-00000005 IBAN: HU36 10103173-40622623-00000005

Conference Information

Agricultural Informatics 2012
Agricultural Informatics Conference
Innovative Information Tecnologies in Agriculture
21-22. September 2012.